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Lisa Scholl

Lisa Scholl


Dr. Masaru Emoto and the findings of his research

Water is the elixir of life. For most, it's simply a means to an end, yet it's part of everyday life. Few people probably think about what special powers or feelings water has. The researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, however, was interested not only in the chemical, but above all in the physical properties of water and explored how external influences can affect them. In this article, you will learn what insights the Japanese para-scientist and author of the New York Times bestseller "The Hidden Messages in Water" gained in the course of his water crystal research, how you can use the positive powers of water for yourself, and what you need to grow water crystals yourself.

The Japanese alternative physician and para-scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) is still considered a pioneer in the research field of “water memory”.

As part of his experiments, he was primarily interested in the physical properties of water. His theory: Everything on our earth has vibrations and perceives other vibrations. Thus, water is said to absorb frequencies and tones that are incomprehensible to us humans and express them in the form of water crystals.

To make these structures and water crystals visible, Masaru Emoto froze differently influenced water samples and then photographed the structure of the water crystals. In the mid-1990s, the researcher published the first images of his water crystal photography.

Depending on whether the individual water samples were exposed to negative or positive influences, the crystal structures are said to have changed. According to Emoto, water that has absorbed positive and peaceful vibrations should show hexagonal crystals. If, on the other hand, the structure of the water crystals appears destroyed, torn, weak or inharmonious, this is due to negatively afflicted energetic information.

The water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto spoke in about forty different languages to the different water samples as part of his research, and provided them with music. The water crystals and structures reflected both the type of words chosen and the type of music.

Thus, the water reacted to sweet words and melodious music – such as that of Johann Sebastian Bach or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – with aesthetic and uniform water crystals. If, on the other hand, the water was discussed with spiteful words and exposed to the acoustic influence of rock or heavy metal , Dr. Emoto could detect chaotic, unsightly and destroyed crystal structures.

Water is more than a chemical formula

Dr. Emoto, a researcher, not only applied his method to his own water samples, but also tested tap water in major cities in Japan. He found that the nature of this water did not have intact and harmonious crystals. According to the water researcher, the reason for this should be the treatment with chlorine and the “forcing” of the water through the narrow pipes.

Spring water , on the other hand, as found in the La Gioia Spring of Joy, is said to be composed of beautiful and regular water crystals.

Even if the findings from water crystal photography are not scientifically recognized, this experiment has shown that water is more than just the chemical formula H₂O. Because according to this theory, water absorbs external energy, which can be harnessed.

Water crystals and their feelings

The message of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment is clear: water crystals have feelings. If this were not so, the crystals in the water could not be influenced by certain vibrations and influences .

The thesis that the so-called water memory is real and that both the feelings and the quality of water depend on certain conditions has been supported by esotericists and scientists for decades.

According to this, the element water is supposed to absorb information such as feelings and thoughts, store them and then pass them on to the environment.

Use positive power of water

According to the water researcher Dr. Emoto, the positive energy of water can also be used in everyday life.

The human body consists of about 60 percent water. As long as we expose our body to positive energy only, we feel healthy, carefree and can lead a happy life – according to the water memory theory.

Therefore, in order to sustainably increase one’s well-being and health, proponents of the thesis recommend drinking high-quality and pure water. In addition, the following things, among others, are intended to increase the quality of water and thus increase positive vibrations:

  • Labeling the drinks with positive affirmations and messages
  • positive and motivating self-talk
  • physical and mental closeness to nature
  • Spice up the water with superfoods

Grow water crystals yourself – this is how it works

That Emoto’s findings are not just empty stories can be proven by a simple but lengthy experiment.

The following ingredients are needed for the long-term experiment:

  • two lockable glasses
  • Water (spring water or tap water)
  • Rice

In the first step of the experiment, the rice must be cooked until it is completely saturated with water. Then you need to distribute the cooked rice between the two glasses. Each jar should be sealed airtight and preferably labeled “hate jar” and “love jar” respectively.

Both samples must now be stored under exactly identical conditions to rule out any falsification of the experiment. In the following months, one sample must be “fed” daily with hate and bad affirmations, and the other glass in turn with love and positive energy.

The first results should be visible after just one month. The “love rice” is said to appear unchanged, whereas the “hate glass” is said to already show the first brown or moldy spots.

The message of this experiment: The water crystals in the “hate jar” were put into a bad mood and constantly exposed to negative energy, so that they slowly but surely go bad. This principle can also be applied to our society. Depending on the environment in which we find ourselves and the influences to which we are exposed on a daily basis, this has an impact on our well-being.

Filter water

Recognizing hyperhydration: Symptoms of water intoxication

Without the external supply of water through food or the consumption of beverages, the human organism is not viable. Water not only conducts dangerous toxins from the body and is involved in the regulation of body temperature. Rather, water serves as a means of transport for nutrients as well as oxygen. However, consuming too much water can also be harmful, as water intoxication can lead to death in extreme cases.

But what is behind the term, how much water should you take in throughout the day and what symptoms characterize hyperhydration? How do you act in an emergency and which people are particularly at risk? This article provides answers!

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Filter water

Build your own water filter – step by step instructions

The water that comes out of the tap in Germany must meet high quality standards and is therefore generally safe to drink. But despite the strict controls, there are many reasons to additionally filter the water before consumption. Especially when traveling or in nature, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and purify water before drinking.

Water filters are available in a wide range of variants and functionalities. But instead of buying an expensive product, it is also possible to build a water filter yourself. This article provides all the important info about it, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions.

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