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We give 5 years on material, manufacturing or construction defects

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Free delivery or a new product of the same kind and quality. If the defective product is no longer manufactured at the time of the warranty claim, we will provide an equivalent product.


For the best quality, among other things, we provide you with our filter cartridges every half year.

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Sanquell guarantees in accordance with the terms of the warranty to the
End customers that each warranty product will be free of
Material defects,
Manufacturing defects and
Design flaws
(each a “warranty defect”) is.

If any of these errors are present, please contact us via hallo@sanquell.de.

Among other things, in case of loss, theft or any change related to an external event of force majeure.

Sanquell GmbH, Sieker Berg 9, 22962 Siek, Germany (hereinafter referred to as “Sanquell”), offers a voluntary, extended and personal manufacturer’s warranty (“Carefree Warranty”) during the contract period for end customers according to
subject to the following warranty conditions.

1. consumer protection rights

1.1. The Sanquell Carefree Guarantee is a voluntary guarantee offered by Sanquell GmbH (hereinafter
also “guarantee”). It grants its end customers additional rights independently
from the rights granted by consumer protection laws and regardless of
other Sanquell guarantees, such as the “5-year guarantee”.
Any statutory rights of the end customer, in particular applicable
Consumer protection rights and warranty claims for defects, are governed by
not affect, modify or replace the Sanquell Carefree Guarantee,
but merely supplemented.
1.2. It is the free and sole decision of the end customer whether to make claims arising from
the statutory warranty rights, from any other guarantees or from
of the Sanquell Carefree Guarantee.

2. warranty protection: covered customers and products

2.1. The Sanquell Carefree Guarantee applies exclusively to end customers. End customers in the
For the purposes of these warranty provisions, consumers residing in the
European Union.

2.2. The Sanquell Carefree Guarantee applies exclusively to products within Sanquell Select.

2.3. Only those warranty products are covered by this warranty that (i) have a
End customer of Sanquell for own use
acquired new in the private sector, (ii) at a residence of the end customer in the
European Union have been professionally installed or
and (iii) are owned by the end customer.

3. guarantee promise

3.1. Sanquell hereby warrants, subject to these warranty provisions, to the
End customers that each warranty product will be free of
Material defects,
manufacturing defects, and
Design flaws
(each a “warranty defect”) is.
3.2. The guarantee promise in section 3.1 is based on the current state of science and the
Technology at the time of production of the respective warranty product. Not
covered are loss, theft or any alteration in connection with
with an external event of force majeure.
3.3. The warranty shall not be liable for any lost time, inconvenience, missed appointments, any consequential damages, or any other direct or indirect damages suffered by the End User or anyone else as a result of any warranty defect or damage covered by this warranty.

4. warranty period, registration and exclusion period
4.1. The warranty period begins with the purchase of the new warranty product and their timely registration in accordance with the following section 4.2 by the end customer and ends with the death of the end customer, provided that no loss of warranty has occurred before.
4.2. The end customer is only entitled to rights under this warranty if he has a current service contract.

Within the scope of registration, the end customer has to provide truthful information
to name, address, e-mail address, date of purchase and installation, installation location,
Item number to make.

4.3. The rights under this warranty are neither heritable nor transferable.
In particular, the rights arising from this warranty do not pass to third parties with the sale or other transfer of the warranty product. With the loss of the
ownership of the warranted product or the death of the end user voids the warranty.

5. warranty exclusion

5.1. Sanquell points out that cleaning the warranty products may cause surface wear over time. These phenomena and other normal wear and tear do not constitute a warranty claim under this warranty unless they are due to a warranty defect. The same applies to
Surface changes, deposits and dirt marks that are due to normal aging, use and customary cleaning of the warranty product or represent minor deviations from the nominal condition that are of no significance for the value and serviceability of the
warranty product are immaterial.

5.2. Claims under this warranty are excluded if
i) the defect is based in whole or in part on repair attempts that were not coordinated with Sanquell in advance or were carried out improperly
have been;
ii) the fault is due to incorrect handling or use, in particular failure to observe the care instructions, assembly instructions or technical data sheets, negligence, carelessness, misuse, improper use or incorrect use;
(iii) the defect was caused in whole or in part by an intentional or negligent
damage was caused by the end customer or a third party;
iv) the defect is due to the fact that the installation, care or
Repairs were not carried out professionally or were not carried out correctly during the repair.
or maintenance other than Sanquell spare parts have been used; or
v) the fault is caused by force majeure or any other unforeseeable event.
(e.g. fire, earthquake) was caused directly or indirectly.
5.3. Further claims, in particular claims for damages or
Claims for reimbursement of expenses are excluded, unless Sanquell is liable for them on the basis of mandatory statutory provisions. This also applies to possible breaches of duty by representatives or vicarious agents of Sanquell.

6. assertion of the warranty

6.1. Should the product, contrary to the warranty promise according to section 4.1, have a
warranty defect, the end customer has his warranty claim according to

Notification of the defect to Sanquell without undue delay, but no later than
within one month, in writing or via the contact form on the
website www.sanquell-select.de or sanquell.de.
6.2. The warranty claim must contain the following information and documents: Name and address of the end customer, installation location of the warranty product, telephone number, e-mail address (if available), copy/scan of the warranty certificate, description of the warranty defect and contact details of the responsible specialist technician.
6.3. In the event of a warranty defect and compliance with these warranty provisions, Sanquell will, at its sole discretion, remedy such defect by repairing or replacing the defective warranted product with a new product of like kind and quality or refund the purchase price in exchange for return of the warranted product.
Sanquell shall be entitled to commission an installer to perform the services in accordance with
these warranty terms and conditions. Should the faulty
Warranty product no longer manufactured at the time of the claim
Sanquell reserves the right to deliver an equivalent product. After a
exchange, the defective warranty product becomes the property of Sanquell.
Any accompanying and follow-up costs
are not covered by this warranty.

7. final provisions
7.1. The personal data that Sanquell collects for the processing of the
warranty claim is received from the end customer will be stored, processed or used exclusively for the purpose of processing the related services. As far as
necessary for processing, the data will also be passed on to the companies contracted with Sanquell
affiliated companies or third parties (e. g. B. Transportation company or
installers) passed on. They are neither transmitted to other external companies nor otherwise used for advertising purposes.
7.2. Sanquell reserves the right to amend these warranty provisions in whole or in part under
The Supplier shall be entitled to discontinue, supplement or modify the service within a reasonable period of time or, in the case of good cause, without such a period of time, taking due account of the interests of the end customers. The current version of this warranty policy is available at www.sanquell-select.de.
7.3. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the exclusion of the
conflict of laws (private international law) and excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
Sale of Goods (CISG).
7.4. The place of performance in all warranty cases is Siek (Germany), even if repairs or deliveries are made from or to another location.
7.5. If any provision of this warranty is or becomes invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, or if there is a gap in this warranty, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
provisions shall not be affected. In place of the ineffective or unenforceable
provision, the provision that is valid or enforceable shall be deemed to be the
which comes closest to the purpose of the invalid or unenforceable provision. In the event of a gap, the provision that corresponds to what would have been agreed according to the purpose of this warranty shall be deemed agreed.


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