Khoysan sea salt

Khoysan sea salt: full of vitality and solar energy
KHOYSAN Sea Salt is salt in its purest natural form. The careful extraction and further processing of the salt by hand allow it to be preserved in its natural wholeness – so the salt can fulfill its vital role as food and delicious food seasoning. All life comes from the sea. We all grew up in a salty solution, namely the amniotic fluid of our mother … so it is obvious that completely natural salt is a very essential element for our organism. It provides us with energy, has the power to revitalize our cells and support many functions of our body.

In dissolved form (in water or in our food), it is like a recreated ocean, amazingly similar to our blood and other bodyfluids.
Fine-matter analyses have shown: all KHOYSAN sea salts carry the highest intensity of solar energy, vitality, regeneration and fertility. They are all bio-friendly dextrorotatory and very well tolerated in the relationship test with humans, plants and animals. On the biometric scale according to Bovis, KHOYSAN sea salts achieve extraordinarily high values, ranging from 16,600 to 24,700 Bovis units. The Bovis unit is a unit of measurement in the subtle realm for determining the value of energy.

At 6,500 units is the neutral point, everything below that is degrading, pathogenic, harmful. Anything above 6,500 units is restorative, promoting, strengthening the vital forces. Even though this method is not (yet) scientifically recognized, it provides us with valuable information about the bioenergetic qualities of KHOYSAN sea salts.

Free from dirt and plastic
The salt garden – as the water basins of different sizes and depths in which the salt matures are called – is located above a cave with a huge, underground seawater lake that, according to geological surveys, is at least 400 years old – and free of today’s unfortunately dramatic marine pollution, including microplastics.

The water for salt production is not – as is usually the case with sea salt production – piped directly from the sea into the salt marsh – but comes from this underground seawater lake. By means of a pumping station the water is pumped up and led into the salt garden. It is old, clean sea water, which already has a salinity of 10%. The cold, South Atlantic Ocean, which is still one of the cleanest marine regions on our planet, seeps underground into this salt lake through a barrier of quartz sand, shell limestone and clay (perfect Naturfilter) some two thousand meters thick, thus replenishing it and forming part of a natural cycle.

Khoysan salt: harvested by hand
Created by sun and wind: The living forces of sun and wind promote evaporation in the water basins, so that the salt content increases from basin to basin until, at a salt content of around 25 percent, the pure salt crystals begin to form – a treasure that nature willingly places in careful hands.

In the southern summer months – from October to March – the salt crystals are carefully harvested by hand with special shovels and dried in the powerful sun. The salt is then sieved out into different crystal sizes (fine and coarse grains) and freed from natural impurities, such as small shell or pflance particles, by industrious hands and packaged. The salt is not ground, but remains in its natural crystal form and is not exposed to any other denaturing processes. Small variations in crystal sizes are natural.

Khoysan salt: member of the fair trade organization
The manufacturer is a small family business with the goal of producing first-class sea salt in harmony with man & nature and is a member of the worldwide Fair Trade organization.

The labor-intensive process creates jobs and opportunities for people to develop. Fair, socially responsible and humane working conditions are as much a part of everyday operations as the international hygiene standards (haccp) in the food sector.

Natural salt applications with KHOYSAN sea salt
Besides refining dishes, salt is also used for applications. Here we have summarized some ideas for you.

Salt bath: for a regenerating and relaxing sea salt bath, about 100-150 g of coarse or fine sea salt crystals are enough. You can also easily make your own aromatic salt baths by mixing the salt crystals with pure essential oils in a glass jar by shaking them well and letting them infuse for a few hours before indulging in the bath.

Brine bath: traditionally successfully used for various skin diseases (dandruffflechte, neurodermatitis, eczema, skin allergies, etc.), but also for rheumatism, gout and joint problems and for general strengthening of the immune system. For a therapeutic brine bath, the salt content in the bath water must be at least equal to the salt content of our bodyfluids, i.e. around 1% – i.e. for a full bath with 80 to 100 liters of tub capacity, you need 0.8-1kg of coarse or fine sea salt crystals. The brine bath develops its best effect at a water temperature of 37°C to 38°C (the organism is not unnecessarily burdened by temperature equalization), the duration of the bath should be 15 to 20 minutes. Do not use soaps or other detergents in addition and do not shower after the bath. Allow the natural brine to dry on the skin and then rest, preferably for a while. We have personally had very good experiences with the brine bath in case of an approaching flu, an impending muscle ache and joint or tension pains. It is best to get into a soothing sea salt bath for about half an hour at the first feeling of discomfort, then just pat the skin dry a bit and go straight to bed.

Natural brine: a simple but potent remedy – has a very wide range of beneficial internal and external applications. Natural brine can be prepared very easily by yourself: Fill a glassflächen to a good quarter with KHOYSAN sea salt natural coarse or natural fine and fill it up best with natural spring water. After about an hour, you will have a concentrated brine solution of 26 to 27%. The salt crystals dissolve only until the saturation of the water with salt is reached. The solution is then diluted according to the respective application.

Brine inhalations: have a very good, cleansing effect on the respiratory tract, bring inflammation to subside and have an expectorant effect. To do this, add some natural brine or natural salt to hot water so that there is a 1% or even higher concentration of salt and inhale the vapors for 10 to 15 minutes.

Nasal irrigation: Nasal irrigation helps to relieve nasal congestion, inflammation of the forehead and sinuses. To do this, add a spoonful of concentrated brine to about a quart of lukewarm water to make a diluted brine solution of about 1% and rinse the nose with the nasal douche (a special small jug, available in specialty stores).



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