Fleur de Sel – Flower of salt – flakes

Fleur de Sel – Flower of salt – flakes


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Khoysan Fleur de Sel – 125g tinFinest sea salt flakes – Free of microplastics Finest, air-dried and handmade gourmet salt from the finest flakes, harvested in the early morning hours. What is Fleur de Sel? Fleur de Sel or Flower of Salt is a precious, exquisite sea salt that is rarely found. Gourmets also affectionately refer to it as the ‘queen of salts’ or ‘caviar among salts’. Fleur de Sel is, like the other Khoysan sea salts, completely natural – free of any additives – and additionally rich in valuable minerals and trace elements and is carefully harvested by hand in the Khoysan salt garden on the west coast of South Africa. The extraction of fleur de sel requires not only experience, observation, patience, sensitive hands, but also a very special interplay of sun, wind and water: When the morning haze, light winds and the hot sun work together, the salt crystals form fine layers on the surface of the small salt water pools … very fragile, like a thin sheet of ice. Fleur de Sel is very carefully skimmed by hand with special tools and laid out in large baskets in the sun to dry. On good days, about 50 kg of Fleur de Sel can be harvested, compared to about a ton of sea salt natural fine. Careful female hands then sort Fleur de Sel into the larger, beautiful Salzflocken and into the smaller salt crystals before it makes its way, carefully packed, to us on its journey. Fleur de Sel is characterized by its incomparable taste: it is mild, harmonious, round … a salt with finesse for fine cuisine. It’s actually too bad for cooking, but wonderful as a final seasoning for pasta, fish and vegetable dishes, as well as raw vegetables and salads.

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