Khoysan sea salt algae and herbs 1kg bag

Khoysan sea salt algae and herbs 1kg bag


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Khoysan Sea Salt Algae and Herbs – 1kg Refill BagGourmet Sea Salt Natur-fein is the basic salt for fine cuisine and the basis for all herbal salt blends from Khoysan. This sea salt comes from South Africa, is handmade and dried by sun and wind, naturally fine. Besides being used as table salt, it is also excellent for preparing natural brine, for baths, as a body scrub and other natural salt applications. Ingredients 94% hand-harvested, unrefined sea salt crystals from South Africa – neither ground nor heat treated 2% seaweed from wild collection 4% herbs and spices: Parsley*, oregano*, mustard*, garlic*, basil*, pepper*, mint*, onion*, celery seed, ginger*, chili*, lemongrass*, coriander*, cumin*, blue poppy*, thyme* and celery leaves*Khoysan Sea Salts – are completely natural and free of any artificial additives, but rich in valuable minerals and trace elements. They are harvested by hand in a salt garden on the west coast of South Africa (about 180 km from Cape Town). Unique is the geological location of this salt garden, which is fed – not by the tide as in other sea salt mines – but by a 400-year-old underground lake. Khoysan sea salts are thus completely pure, wholesome salts – free from heavy metal and other environmental pollution of the seas today. These special features, coupled with the best climatic conditions and the careful harvesting of the salt by hand, account for the full, harmonious taste of Khoysan sea salts. More and more gourmets and also top chefs discover this salt and have chosen it as their favorite. In a salt tasting of 13 of the finest food grade salts from around the world, hosted by French sommelier GERMAIN LEHODEY, two of Khoysan’s sea salts were ranked among the top five in the world.

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