Legionella filter shower & bath LONGLIFE complete set, certified

Legionella filter shower & bath LONGLIFE complete set, certified


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✅ CERTIFIED LEGIONELLES FILTER: Reliable immediate protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas, E.Coli and other microorganisms due to outstandingly fine filter pores (0.2µm)
✅ EASY INSTALLATION FOR ANY SHOWER VARIANT: ready to use in a few seconds, also for rain showers, no plumber needed.
✅ FOR PRIVATE AND COMMERCE: Owners of rental apartments, hotels or their own homes avoid hassle & shower ban by health department
✅ LONG-LASTING: lasts up to 6 months or 6,000 liters, easy to change legionella filter, hardly any pressure loss


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Certified and tested according to ASTM F838-15A

Legionella filter safely retains legionella (log7). Confirmed by independent laboratories. The legionella filter corresponds to the TWIN 12 recommendation.

Certificates & Tests


Universal fit due to slim design and standardized 1/2 inch connections.

100% LONG-TERM protection against legionella bacteria

Produced according to the highest safety specifications. Tested & certified by independent laboratories.

Protects immunocompromised people

Especially for children and immunocompromised persons, an infection with Legionella can lead to death.


Perfect for hotels, rental apartments and public facilities. Fits perfectly into high-quality bathrooms.

Easy installation, Without tools

No plumber required, assembly by simply screwing between the faucet and shower hose. Filter change uncomplicated.

German quality brand

Quality promise and personally available. German customer service, worldwide shipping.

suitable for hotels, rental apartments and care facilities

The discreet design made of high-quality metal in chrome look fits perfectly and discreetly into the bathroom. Due to the long time of use and high water pressure showering remains comfortable.

Vital protection for immunocompromised people

About 10% of Legionella infections are fatal, which is why landlords also face stiff penalties if action is not taken. A reliable protection in case of legionella infestation is the legionella filter LONGLIFE.

Reliable express delivery

Waiting for days until you are allowed to shower again? No, we deliver immediately. As one of the largest suppliers of legionella filter products, we constantly have our warehouses sufficiently filled throughout Europe and can offer you small and large purchase quantities at short notice.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 5 cm

1/2 inch

Safety tested according to

ASTM F-838 (log7)




approx. 6 liters/minute


0.2 µm


Membrane filter


6 months at the latest, 6000 liters


10cm height x 5cm width




chrome plated copper


5-65 degree Celsius

Water pressure

1-5 bar

Membrane area

0.24m2 effective

7 reviews for Legionella filter shower & bath LONGLIFE complete set, certified

  1. German

    Elisabeth N. aus Tirol

    Hervorragend. Einziger Händler, den ich gefunden habe, der entsrechende Zertifikate hat! Nutze ich als Legionellenfilter für meine Badewanne!

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  2. German

    Herbert H. aus Heilbronn

    Super mit dem Gewindemaß.Üblicherweise passt immer der 24er Adapter auf die Standard Wasserhähne. Hatte einen falschen bestellt – völlig problemlos getauscht!

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  3. German

    M. Grunau aus Berlin

    Preis-Leistungsverhältnis gut

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  4. German

    M. Johannesen aus Berlin

    optisch hochwertig. Da ich meinen Duschkopf nicht wechseln wollte, habe ich mich für diesen Legionellenfilter zum Anschrauben entschieden.

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  5. German

    Mary V. aus Stuttgart

    Legionellenfilter für Regendusche. Heute bestellt, morgen da. Da ich eine Regendusche habe, passt der super. Ich kann euren bisher angebotenen Legionellenfilter-Duschkopf nicht nehmen. Danke für eure Hilfe!

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  6. German

    Simon B. aus Husum

    Legionellenfilter ist schlicht und diskret. Kaum Druckverlust. Scheint gut zu sein

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  7. German

    Hotel aus München

    Wahnsinn! 200 Legionellenfiltern innerhalb von 12h geliefert. Ihr seid der Hammer! Vielen Dank an das ganze Team!

    Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

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