Limescale filter cartridge with seed crystals | limescale protection softens the limescale

Limescale filter cartridge with seed crystals | limescale protection softens the limescale


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Limescale protection with seed crystals. The mineral calcium, so important for the body, remains in the water, the surfaces can be cleaned with a cloth

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✅ S PECIAL PERFORMANCE IN VERY HARD WATER: Innovative limescale protection technology from Germany . Without salt or chemicals. Valuable, healthy calcium and magnesium float in the flowing water. Vital minerals are preserved.

NO CRUSTRATION ON EQUIPMENT: Kettle and coffee maker are spared. Facilitates cleaning of surfaces, steamers or glasses. Lime deposits are significantly reduced, become soft and no longer adhere to the surface. Easy to wipe away with household cloth.

PERFECT TASTE: Soft, clear and natural taste. Ideal for neutral and low-sodium preparation cold and hot water drinks – fresh from the source directly from the tap. A must for connoisseurs of good tea and coffee.

WATER PRESSURE: up to 8 liters per minute

DURATION OF USE: extremely long, up to 5 years

COMPATIBLE WITH: Sanquell SOLO water filter, carbonit Vario HP and carbonit Sanuno

Finally no salty taste when descaling

The lime protectionfilter patons contain a granulate with catalytic effect for modification of the lime components dissolved in the water. The lime does not deposit on the tank walls, heating elements, etc.

Lime is “flocculated” by seed crystals

The mechanism of action of the lime catalyst granules lies in the formation of seed crystals from a part of the lime-forming components of the water.

Lime floats loosely in the water and largely disappears in the wastewater

Above a certain size (approx. 10 µm), the seed crystals are torn off the granulate surface by the water flow and are carried along freely suspended in the water . If the conditions for lime formation are present, these seed crystals serve as the starting point for lime crystal formation. Most of the lime crystals are flushed out with the wastewater. On workflaces, faucets, tiles, shower enclosures, sinks, and on the edges of shower heads and aerators, the lime particles remain in loose deposits after evaporation.

Simply wipe away limescale

It is recommended to remove them with a microfiber cloth or household sponge. Within one or two days you can easily wipe away. Aggressive cleaning agents are not necessary for this.


Why should I keep lime in the water?

Lime is not bad for the body, but for household appliances. After treatment by the lime filter cartridge, the lime remains, but in a state where it can be wiped away with a cloth.

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