Limescale filter add-on module “Premium

Limescale filter add-on module “Premium


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✅ S PECIAL PERFORMANCE IN VERY HARD WATER: Innovative limescale protection technology from Germany . Without salt or chemicals.

NO CASTING ON EQUIPMENT: Kettle and coffee maker are protected.limescale deposits are significantly reduced, become soft and no longer adhere to the surface.

PERFECT TASTE: Soft, clear and natural taste. Ideal for neutral and low sodium preparation

WATER PRESSURE: up to 8 liters per minute

INSTALLATION: the add-on module is simply clicked onto the existing Sanquell under-sink water filter.


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✔️1 click-extension ✔️Langzeitfilter ✔️verhindert shower-ban ✔️auch for pseudomonas infestation

If you already have a Solo under-sink filter unit installed, then you can easily connect an add-on module using the Quick fasteners. With this additional module you can significantly reduce the lime in the water. Kettles and coffee makers need to be descaled much less frequently.

Installed with one click

Click directly on the existing SOLO under-sink water filter housing and ready to go.

Salt taste adé!

The typical slight salty taste after decalcification is gone. The microscopic seed crystals work on a natural basis – without removal or addition of substances.

Protects your household appliances

The limescale is no longer deposited on container walls in the kettle or on heating elements in the coffee machine, but is largely flushed out free-floating with the wastewater.

Softens lime, not the water

Inoculation crystals leave the important mineral calcium in the drinking water. The water tastes as good as ever. When the water is heated, the calcium ions collect around the seed crystals and then crystallize into larger flakes. This makes it easy to remove limescale from the kettle with a kitchen towel or dish brush. Descaling with, for example, citric acid is needed much less frequently.


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 19 × 15 cm

Seed Crystals


3/8 inch on both sides


up to 8 l/min

Treatment of



Lime filter as required

Scope of delivery

1 Additional module Solo under-sink water filter housing, 1 PREMIUM lime filter with seed crystals


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