Limescale filter and pollutant filter SuperClear

Limescale filter and pollutant filter SuperClear


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Effective all-round protection against limescale, pollutants and germs in drinking water. Conjures tasty water

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✔️highest adsorption power ✔️fresh from the source taste ✔️hardly any loss of water pressure

Fits all common filter housings such as those from sanquell, carbonit and alvito. Thanks to its 3-stage technology, this limescale filter combines limescale protection, filtration and germ reduction in one. An all-round solution to many water treatment problems in a wide range of domestic and hospitality applications.

FINALLY Effective against hard lime

During a legionella infestation, the use of a legionella filter is a sensible and effective protection for the whole family. Especially when showering, the aerosols can get the life-threatening germs into the lungs. This shower head reliably filters the threatening bacteria, preventing the infection and outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever.

Lime no longer adheres

Contact with the lime filter converts dissolved lime. The
lime no longer has the possibility
surfaces such as tiles, fittings, heating coils or pipes.
to settle

“Micro-bubbles” prevent germ formation and the already existing deposit is broken down The new manufacturing process used in the lime filter offers effective removal of pollutants on the one hand, and powerful filtration on the other.

High adsorption power

The limescale filter consists of activated carbon (food grade according to DIN: EN 12915) together with the integrated limescale protection granulate, which ensures high-performance filtration of the water.

Sediments, heavy metals and organic compounds such as herbicides, pesticides and drug residues, solvents as well as chlorine are thereby reduced in a natural way. The smell and taste of the filtered water is optimized.

Long service life

Due to the environmentally friendly limescale protection granulate incorporated in the water filter, permanent and safe protection against limescale residues of all kinds and their undesirable side effects is created.

Result: No annoying lime residues on fittings and tiles, less cleaning effort, prevention of high costs for maintenance and repairs on pipelines as well as heat exchangers due to corrosion.

FITS IN Known filter housings

Due to the standardized size of water filter cartridges, the SUPERCLEAR can be easily used in Sanquell and carbonit water filter housings.

“75% of German households
have a lime problem”

Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 29 × 8 × 8 cm

approx. 6 liters/minute


1 µm


Activated carbon, Seed Crystals


6 months at the latest, 6000 liters


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