Water monitor & water detector with shutdown AQUA STOP

Water monitor & water detector with shutdown AQUA STOP


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HIGH SECURITY AGAINST WATER DAMAGE: Immediate stop of the water supply, additional alarm tone

FULLY AUTOMATIC WATER SUPPLY CLOSURE: solid, magnetic ball valve

LOWER COST & INSTALLATION EFFORT: can be installed in a few minutes

OPTICAL AND AUDIBLE ALARM: additional warning

EXTREMELY ROBUST AND VERSATILE: From -20 degrees to +80 degrees Celsius ambient temperature at a maximum pressure of 6 bar


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Water monitor with shutdown

✔️fully automatic valve ✔️protects against expensive water damage ✔️especially in absence ✔️independent

High safety against unpredictable pressure surges in the water supply network, against possible installation errors and against material fatigue after many years. Each washing machine has an AquaStop to prevent water damage. This prevents damage, fungus or other structural damage. This device is the“AquaStop for faucets, water filters or other water-carrying devices“. The simple installation behind the angle valve can directly prevent damage from other devices such as water filters or a defective faucet.

Prevent water damage

Every day, 3,000 cases of water damage are reported in Germany . Any water damage often means a lot of trouble and long-term consequences such as mold growth, renovation and costs. Particularly annoying when damage to other parties is affected.

Automatic shut-off valve in case of water contact

While other devices only warn, the AquaStop acts: it immediately closes the water line through a solid, magnetic ball valve.

Standard size for easy connection

The standard 3/8″ connection usually fits directly to any kitchen water line and angle valve without an adapter.

Battery operated independently from the mains

Due to economical consumption, the 9 volt block battery lasts a very long time. When the battery is low, the shut-off valve closes and a warning tone sounds.

Water shut-off even in absence

The Sanquell water detector with shut-off “AQUA STOP” offers you good protection against unforeseen leaks – regardless of the cause.

Easy assembly & OPERATION

This leakage protection extends to all installations located downstream of the valve. That is why it lends itself to
to be mounted directly on the angle valve
. As soon as the sensor lying on the floor comes into contact with water, the device immediately closes the line and warns with a loud alarm.

Safe operation
without bells and whistles:
Just put in the battery.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 cm

3/8 inch on both sides


up to max. 6 bar

Cable length


Operating temperature

5-60 degrees

Radio connection (Wlan, Buetooth, etc.)


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