Water Whirler “Levita” | Precision Stainless Steel Micro-Levitation

Water Whirler “Levita” | Precision Stainless Steel Micro-Levitation


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✅ Micro Levitation, High Quality Precision Water Swirlers

✅ fresh, enjoyable water taste

✅ made of stainless steel in Germany

✅ 5 years warranty

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Water whirler - like in a wild mountain stream

✔️ highest precision ✔️ stainless steel ✔️made in Germany ✔️5 years warranty

The Levita water whirler is the precision water whirler in the high-speed whirler class.
The high-speed swirler sets the water molecules in rapid motion, just like in a wild mountain stream. Countless large and small water vortices clean it energetically and enrich it with oxygen.

Following the example of nature

Swirling water is an art that does not involve spinning water in circles, but rather breaking up clusters (groups of interconnected water molecules). To achieve this, Sanquell’s water whirlers set the water in motion in a natural way, effectively imitating the principle of vortex formation in natural watercourses in a very small space.

Sanquell Wasserfilter

Water is refined, loosened & decompacted

in the water whirler, the internal water structure is loosened and decompacted by eddies and counter eddies. At the interfaces of the micro vortices, the water clusters decrease in size and at the same time the inner surface of the water increases. it gains solubility and natural vitality. What a stream achieves over long distances and with a lot of time , water whirlers from Sanquell achieve in the home kitchen at the tap or at the water filter through natural flow forms and elaborate precision technology.

Invisible installation on the water inlet

The water whirler fits with its standard connections directly to your faucet inlet under the countertop.

Several vortex modules can be mounted one behind the other to increase the effect.

Ultra-fine, harmonious water structure

Between different fluid layers in the fluidizer, this creates extreme flow velocities. The tap water is refined without additional effort and becomes a Source of fresh, vital and enjoyable drinking water.

Durable and maintenance-free with 5-year warranty

The physical principle works constantly and permanently maintenance-free – without electricity or other external energies.

Saskia W.
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"The water tastes more pleasant and vital."

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